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What is the Pixel Chicks Photography Dream Team?

Pixel Chicks Photography is gathering a squad of upstanding young women who want to influence and impact the community.

We want to ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER and INSPIRE teens to fearlessly be themselves while still loving on others and going after their DREAMS.

The PCP Dream Team is about leadership, community service, encouragement, kindness, building friendships, style, fashion and of course PHOTOS!

Some of the perks of being on the Pixel Chicks Photography Dream Team?

  • Creative group photo shoots
  • Fun outreach
  • Being featured and published in a magazine

Learn more about becoming a PCP Dream Team Member 

The Pixel Chicks Photography Dream Team is an evolution of our Spokesmodel Team. We absolutely love hanging out and doing fun things with our spokesmodels, so we want to do MORE of it. We are accepting nominations and applications for the Classes of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. You can learn all about the Dream Team here!


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